These are Trying Times

As I sit here writing this post, on Friday the 13th, from Kirkland, WA, the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak in the United States, I have a million thoughts racing through my mind. Some are for my wife, who is at home with our three kids, whose schools have now been closed through April 24th. Some thoughts are for our clients who are seeing a very tangible impact tied to market and consumer hysteria. And I’m thinking about my team and their families here at Happy Hour Media.

These are trying times for the business community, and for their employees. We’re seeing the impact firsthand in the Greater Seattle Area. As a business whose success is solely dependent on the success of our clients, we are pushing ourselves further than ever before. We are an advertising agency who is not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dive into our clients’ business models as well, as we help them make monumental shifts, to adapt to the current climate.

We are committed to seeing this business community thrive, both in Seattle and in other markets across the country where we serve customers. If you are a business struggling with how to position your company to consumers in today’s market, we would like to offer free advice. If you have a marketing plan in place that worked a month ago, but is not reaching consumers where they are consuming media this month, we can help provide suggestions. We are part of the business community, and as such, want to do our part to lift up the business community and open the gates of commerce again.

Hang in there, we will pull through this together!