Data Reporting

Making data-driven decisions is more than reporting on clicks, impressions and leads. We are able to use real-time reporting that blends raw CRM reports, call center logs, digital ad platform metrics, and traditional media buy deliverables to better understand what pieces of a media plan are most efficient and where we need to optimize.

Clients are able to login to shared dashboards to view campaign performance and better understand how Happy Hour Media is impacting their business.

“Data-driven decisions aren’t limited to the digital space. Our partners need to track the efficiency of our entire media plans. We combine digital platform performance metrics with CRM data, and offline attribution tools to better understand where our efficiencies lie.”

Jeff Tindall, VP of Strategic Partnerships

Data Reporting Case Studies

See some of our most effective campaigns and results.

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  • Our client, //CLIENT NAME// came to Happy Hour with the goal of //GOAL HERE//. Based on this, our approach included:

    • Bullet 1
    • Bullet 2
    • Bullet 3

    Once implemented, //CLIENT RESULT TEXT//

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Collecting data is only useful if you’re able to make sense of it. By aggregating multiple data sets, we’re able to make pull out trends and make decisions based on concrete data.