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Who We Are

Trust. Transparency. Results.

Who We Are

Trust. Transparency. Results.

A cocktail
worth drinking

How do we know if your customers are enjoying the advertising cocktail we’ve crafted? Our attribution modeling and data visualization platforms allow us to track the customer journey from prospect to customer. We know which drinks are frequently ordered and which ones should be struck from the menu. Our goal is transparency, so you will always know which elements of your media plan are performing and how they impact your ROI.

What can
we pour you?

We completely customize media plans based on your short and long term goals. Your dedicated account team will constantly optimize each campaign to assure you stay in front of your target audience – there is no “set it and forget it” mentality at Happy Hour.

If you’re tired of the same old advertising approach, step up to the bar at Happy Hour Media. We’ll serve you something you’ll love; results!

The Crew

We take our work seriously, not ourselves.

Chris Holcomb


Jeff Tindall

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Liz Gadbois

Client Services Manager

Rebekah Pearson

Media Manager

Lauren Grey

Creative Director

Jesslyn Phounsavan

Senior Accountant

Mark Newell

Senior Media Buyer

Jeudi Rho

Senior Account Manager

Jessica Gaffney

Account Manager

Ben Nussbaum

Campaign Manager

Terry Gorle

SEM Manager

Amanda Mueller-Hickler

Social Media Manager

Kim Cummings

Senior Graphic Designer

Katherine Salsieder

Associate Graphic Designer

Morgon Burke

Staff Accountant

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