Television & Radio Advertising

Broadcast radio and television are key components of our clients’ top-of-funnel strategies. Though they no longer stand alone, they are still king of the hill in reaching the masses and driving intent to purchase. We strongly believe when bought, messaged, and tracked correctly, they can be the cornerstone of a successful advertising strategy. The emergence of internet radio, podcasts, digital video, over-the-top television, and an ever increasing number of audio and video delivery platforms have given us new ways to utilize this medium and reach more targeted audiences.

Your business and the market you operate in are both unique. We’ll identify what delivery system works most efficiently to drive qualified customers.


Video consumption has evolved, but TV is still the ultimate reach medium. Combine direct-response targeted media buys with impactful creative to generate leads and track performance

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Pair your brand with the right on-air personality to build rapport with their audience. Endorsement radio is especially impactful for businesses within competitive landscapes.

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Local buys require real relationships at the station-level. Gain scale by targeting your most efficient markets, whether it is 1 or 100.

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National Buy

Reach a national audience efficiently by accessing the right inventory on major networks at discounted rates. Then use attribution tools to monitor response and drive down your cost per acquisition.

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“The fragmented media world can make it more challenging to reach our target consumer. But, it also means we have options. Having access to HHM’s attribution tools allows us to optimize our traditional media plans. We don’t ‘wait and see’ if something is working.”

Rebekah Pearson, Media Manager

Traditional Media Case Studies

See some of our most effective campaigns and results.

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  • Our client, Birch Gold came to Happy Hour with the goal of //talk about what the goal was in this area, followed by …//. Based on this, our approach included:

    • Approach Bullet Point #1
    • Approach Bullet Point #2
    • Approach Bullet Point #3

    Once implemented, Birch Gold //whatever impact this has had on leads, conversions, etc.//.

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Our clients receive the huge advantage of our buying and negotiation relationships with our vendors. Thanks to our buying power, clients get the best prices and placements for their money.