Our Work – Wrench

  • Client: Client: Wrench
  • Date: Date(s) worked on: 2016 – Current
  • Services: Broadcast Radio, TV & CTV, Paid Social Media, Organic Social Media, Influencer Engagement, Video Production

Wrench is a mobile mechanic service headquartered in Seattle, now servicing 20+ markets across the country. Time is your biggest commodity, and that valuable time shouldn’t be wasted at the auto repair shop when the shop can come to you! Wrench’s certified mechanics will come to your home, work, or wherever is convenient. They can perform 85% of the repair jobs the dealership can, but at a fraction of the price. Their target customer is tech-savvy, busy with family and work, and places a high value on convenience. 

Although auto repair has been around since Henry Ford, mobile auto repair is a new concept. Happy Hour Media was tasked with introducing Wrench’s brand to the market while simultaneously establishing an emerging market in mobile auto repair. Together, we developed a cost-effective top-of-funnel strategy to drive consumers into this new category. We blended local television, remnant radio, and OTT. 

To carry Wrench’s unique message and build credibility, we partnered with Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction and MotorTrend personality, Chris Jacobs, as the spokesperson for video and radio. Then, HHM complemented Wrench’s top-of-funnel tactics, with a robust organic and paid social strategy, leveraging Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, we’ve implemented an influencer strategy, targeting techies/gamers, mommy influencers, and car enthusiasts.

When Happy Hour Media began working with Wrench, they were in 4 markets. Through a strategic market launch strategy, we have helped Wrench expand to over 20 markets in less than three years. The first day we rolled out the new broadcast strategy, Wrench had their highest site traffic of the year, their highest volume of quotes through branded keywords, and one of their top five days of the year for booked jobs. We also track KPIs by DMA to understand market-specific efficiencies.

The Challenge:

The concept of a “mobile mechanic” historically has been an individual technician, working out of his truck, driven by word-of-mouth. Through technology, Wrench was able to turn that model into a leading-edge business of in-house mechanics across the country, with the same level of expertise and customer service. The NEED was to educate the market about this service and build their credibility.

We discovered conversion rates were much higher through Wrench’s mobile site than their desktop or app, so there was a desire to drive more mobile traffic to their site to maximize sales volume.

The Solution:

Brand awareness and market education was accomplished from a four-pronged attack based on individual market efficiencies: CTV, Broadcast TV, and remnant radio – all anchored by auto-industry guru, Chris Jacobs. The fourth tactic was an education/awareness influencer strategy on Instagram focused on busy moms who didn’t have time to take their car to the shop.

We drove traffic to the mobile site by using on-screen references to the website in both video and social postings.

The Results:

  • Day 1 of the media drop saw the highest site traffic and quote requests through branded keywords (and indicator of top-of-funnel efficiency) in the company’s history. It was one of the top-five sales days.
  • The Paid Social strategy received the lowest CPA to-date.

Some thoughts from the client:

“When you’re introducing a new concept to the market, you need an agency that can create awareness for the category and your brand, while at the same time delivering results to the bottom line. We work with Happy Hour Media because they are able to provide trackable, scalable solutions at the local level while we grow, creating individualized strategies by market, all while building a national lead-gen strategy that we’re growing into.”

Casey Willis, Co-Founder/Business Development & Marketing, Wrench