Our Work – Crawl Pros & Pest Pros

  • Client: Crawl Pros & Pest Pros
  • Date: 2019 – Current
  • Services: Radio, Spanish Radio, Television, Paid Social, SEO, SEM, Review Platform Management, Recruitment Campaigns, Web Development, Brand Launch, Graphic Design, Audio & Video Copywriting, CRM Integration, Analytics & Reporting
  • The Pest Pros website we built for Richard, that accompanies the brand build: gopestpros.com

Crawl Pros wanted to partner with an agency that could execute a full marketing campaign to improve their digital and traditional media performance. There was a strong desire to expand into new markets and to increase their market share within a very competitive industry. As soon as a relationship was formed between Crawl Pros and Happy Hour Media, we immediately sought to improve their online lead generation efforts by creating a website that was mobile friendly, improved user experience, and had a strong focus on driving qualified conversions. Over the past year we have improved the client’s SEO ranking and have greatly improved their ROAS throughout all media channels, including their paid Yelp campaign.

Throughout our relationship, we have had transparent access and integration to their CRM data to better understand efficiencies in order to optimize our media plans. Our ability to use data analytics to pivot our tactics has proven to be successful as the client’s revenue has improved year over year with minimal increases to the client’s targeted marketing spend percentage.

Outside of media management, we work with the client on several creative projects to support internal marketing and sales materials with consistent branding that has helped to elevate the customer experience which in turn has resulted in reducing sales closure times. We are also producing new video assets for the client’s very first TV campaign which will strongly shed light on the genuine care and services the Crawl Pros team executes for customers.

Services Happy Hour has provided:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Social
  • Review Platform Management
  • Recruitment Campaigns
  • Web Development
  • Brand Launch
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio & Video Copywriting
  • CRM Integration
  • Analytics & Reporting

The Challenge:

In 2019, Crawl Pros had a number of challenges. Owner, Richard Herron needed a foundation for his company to scale to additional US markets and to launch additional brands and services. Happy Hour Media quickly identified a handful of priorities to build that foundation: improve lead-attribution, increase online conversion rates, prove bottom-of-funnel lead-generation tactics, and track everything with data & analytics. Richard was skeptical the Happy Hour Media plan would play out the way drew it up.

The Solution:

Within months Crawl Pros inbound leads grew dramatically. By integrating with their CRM and web analytics, we were able to identify top performing channels, refine or eliminate underperformers, and add new upper and lower-funnel channels to maximize the return on ad spend. The new conversion-friendly website we developed also helped increase their online visibility and likelihood that visitors become customers.


We took control of the advertising platform in June 2020. Between June and August, we established an advertising spend of 5K which generated over 85K in sales revenue.

In 2020, Happy Hour Media played an integral role in launching a new pest control brand, Pest Pros. This is now a stand-alone company with its own staff, website, and lead-generation needs.

Year over year growth since May 2019: increased annual revenue 300% in less than 3 years

Some thoughts from the client:

“I can say without hesitation that Happy Hour Media has transformed my business in a way I never thought was possible in a relatively quick timeline. My inbound leads have increased over 300% in the past two years while our cost per acquisition has been dramatically reduced. Importantly, HHM gave me a clear understanding of what lead sources are most effectively driving our profitability through their integration with my CRM and scheduling tools. They’ve proven radio, television and digital advertising platforms can all be reliable and cost-efficient lead generators when properly managed by them. Their ability to be nimble with budget optimizations has allowed us to fine tune the media plan. Before working with HHM I had to work with several other companies. I always felt insecure with the money I was spending and the results I was receiving. HHM is the first company that I’ve worked with that make me feel that they are managing my advertising and informing me of that management. This allows me to be at ease with marketing, freeing up valuable time to focus on running my company within.

As my business grows to additional U.S. markets, Happy Hour Media has the ability to replicate our efficiencies and help me identify media markets that are ripe for expansion. Their team’s ability to buy traditional media aggressively in any market was extremely appealing for me as the owner of a growing business. I’m excited about our future growth together!”

HHM has gone beyond just marketing and has been a great ally, providing help and advice in other areas of my business that we are challenged in. I can’t put a price tag on the valuable advice and help that I received in areas such as recruitment, CRMs, IT services, prospective new locations, and many more.”

Richard Herron, Owner, Pest Pros & Crawl Pros