Lessons Learned from a Global Crisis – Tips & Insights Part 1 of 4

We have all faced a lot of uncertainty and quick changes during the COVID-19 crisis, and brands are sharing the lessons they have learned so far. As social distancing prompted people to seek new ways to connect, many flocked to social media as digital channels provided them with the safest way to connect with others. People are online now more than ever and digital channels, especially social media, are seeing increased engagement and usage.

A key finding in Sprout Social’s Index showed that 91% of people believe in social’s power to connect people. That’s why, during this time, brands need to use that power to highlight the most important messages they want their audience to receive. Now, more than ever, relevant messaging is extremely important because tone-deaf messaging in the current climate has the potential to destroy a brand. The brands that are focused on putting the most important messages out onto social are the ones that will come out of the crisis with the most success.

Not sure what type of messaging your brand should be putting out there? Listen to your customers. Find out what they value most about your brand. People are going to social media for answers, and your brand should be ready to provide relevant solutions.

Limitations from the COVID-19 crisis has opened the door for innovation. Brands are getting more and more creative in the ways that they reach their target audience. Now is the time to test and utilize social features you haven’t used in the past. Give your audience new ways to connect with your brand because they’re already looking for it.

In fact, as people spend more time on social media, they’re also expecting faster response time from brands. Sprout Social conducted a survey collecting 1,000 responses from consumers and found that 40% of people expect brands to respond within the first hour of them reaching out on social media. And 79% expect brands to respond within the first 24 hours. So, if you don’t already have a social media response plan in place the data shows it’s time to.

As things slowly open up and your brand gets ready to launch marketing efforts it is important to kick off with the right strategy. It’s a time when you need to be a customer-first brand and provide as much transparency as possible to your current customer base and any potential customers. If you are a brand with physical locations, your reopening message should address all of the anxieties and worries of your customers. You want to make customers feel safe in the COVID-19 world.