Caring About Clients

Happy Hour Media was founded because the owners felt that there were elements missing from agencies they had experience working with in the past. The idea of ‘being in this together’ and actually caring about the successes or failures of clients more than how much billable time was completed at the end of each month made relationships feel more meaningful.

Fast forward to early 2020.

With upheaval and uncertainty at an all-time high, many were left wondering what would happen next, and HHM was feeling the same thing. First and foremost, we cared about people – our team as well as our clients. While many businesses went into a ‘wait and see’ mode, many of our clients were immediately impacted and either needed to shut down temporarily, or to reduce services or staff to the point where advertising to get more business didn’t make a lot of sense in the short-term.

Instead of worrying about the loss of revenue, HHM started to brainstorm ways which our clients could weather this difficult time. In some cases, it was slowing or stopping existing marketing. In others, it was helping to implement online ordering systems for businesses that had never implemented them before the pandemic. And for some, it was changing campaigns to address concern or worry about using a product or service – focusing on assuring customers that the most up-to-date safety precautions were being practiced by these businesses.

HHM also made a point of checking in with our clients consistently to see how we might be able to help – whether it was with advertising or just a friendly conversation to see how they were doing. Chris has always said that caring about your client is what sets us apart and we showed how much we live by those bedrock principles during tough times.

While all of these elements may have slowed Happy Hour revenue in some ways, it didn’t stop our desire to do the best possible work and maintain or grow our strong relationships with our clients. When you care about the health and safety of your clients as people as well as businesses it will build an even stronger bond when faced with challenges.