Our Work – PureTalk

  • Client:PureTalk
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  • Services: National radio, Podcast, National DRTV, Organic social media, Creative direction, Radio copywriting

PureTalk – Simply. Smarter. Wireless.

Access to affordable wireless plans is an essential service, and you should not have to sacrifice great coverage in order to save money. That is the philosophy PureTalk was built on; offering the same quality services as Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, but at a fraction of the price. PureTalk saves the average family of four over $800 a year!! At Happy Hour Media, we love working with market disruptors, so we jumped at the opportunity to take the message of affordable wireless to the masses!

When we initially began working with PureTalk in the fall of 2019, they had been dabbling in endorsement-driven talk radio, with the goal of adding marquee talent within their niche, honing their message to those loyal audiences, and churning creative frequently enough to avoid audience fatigue. PureTalk saw an opening in the marketplace, and they wanted to jump on it. They wanted an agency that could sprint with them. As we quickly ramped from 2-3 national radio hosts to over a dozen Radio, Podcast, and YouTube personalities, attribution was paramount to determining which partnerships were driving profitability, and which ones are detracting from it. Vendor management also became much more important, to ensure we were maximizing the value from each relationship.

Since helping solidify PureTalk’s position in the wireless marketplace as an agitator against the big carriers who pigeonhole customers into expensive unlimited data plans, Happy Hour has expanded the scope of services. We recently wrapped a national TV shoot and are expanding our position to new audiences. As a fully integrated partner with PureTalk and their unbelievable marketing team, we give them scale when they need it. We recently stepped in to manage their organic social platforms, including contesting, as they look to hire a new social media manager, and have been able to help define and drive process as well as increase engagement.


  • Needed help with rapid growth, specifically in the news-talk space
  • Felt being taken advantage of by vendors, needed a strong negotiator
  • Agency understood endorsement campaigns and could write powerful copy
  • Wanted to scale as quickly as their ROI could grow – agency, had ability to sprint when performance is there
  • Pivot from platforms aren’t working or performance drops
  • Able to look at budget as fluid, always optimizing instead of ‘set-it-and-forget-it’


  • HHM’s Gross rates lower than the NET rates the client had negotiated directly
  • Started with two endorsers in the Conservative-Talk space in November 2019. Within 10 month period, now working with 15 endorsers on national radio and podcasts, plus national cable networks.
  • Using attribution technology for offline media to assess appropriate attribution per host and channel
  • Optimizing campaigns to call center hours to increase conversion rates
  • Produced vides for social media that have dramatically increase conversion rates


  • New orders have increased every single month since Happy Hour started
  • Achieved sales goal for December 2020 by August 2020
  • Decreased cost per lead and cost per acquisition

Some thoughts from the client

The Happy Hour team has become an invaluable extension of the PureTalk marketing team. We would not have been able to scale our radio spend or expand into TV without the Happy Hour team’s strategic-thinking, guidance and industry knowledge – they are always advocating on our behalf with media partners and make our ads perform better each month and are an absolute joy to work with.