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The New Happy Hour Site Is Launching In 2017!

Why Happy Hour?

Are you feeling like ad agencies are all the same? We do too! Find out what makes Happy Hour Media different.

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Hear from other satisfied Happy Hour clients and take a look at the work we did in partnership with them.

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There are a lot of things we do really well in comparison to the next agency, which allows Happy Hour to help you achieve your business goals while remaining nimble and profitable. Partnering with Happy Hour will lead you to find the impact of working with stellar talent and the success that is found in the details.

Media Pros

See award-winning media work & capitalize on our years of experience.

Brand Strategists

Know who you are? Audience targeting can ensure your customer does too.

Digital Marketing Specialists

You need more than reports. We find KPI’s you need to grow your business.
Executives don’t believe that marketing drives demand and revenue
  • Don’t Believe 73%
  • Do Believe 26%
  • Don’t Care 1%
Happy Hour Media can help you find and report the metrics business owners actually care about.

Building a strategy has never been so fun.


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