Our Work – Timeshare Exit Team

  • Client: Client: Timeshare Exit Team
  • Date: Date(s) worked on: 2015- Current
  • Services: Agency of Record, Internal Marketing, Local Radio in over 30 markets, National DRTV and pay per inquiry DRTV, print, SEM, paid and organic social, website management, email marketing, creative

The Challenge:

Did you know the majority of timeshare contracts are in perpetuity? Meaning whether the owner becomes ill, loses their job, retires, gets divorced, loses their spouse, or even passes away, they (or their heirs) are still responsible for timeshare fees, year-after-year, whether or not that timeshare membership is ever used.

Timeshare Exit Team (TSET) started in 2012, because Brandon Reed, the founder and CEO, realized through personal experience that it was practically impossible to get out of an unwanted timeshare. The company was trailblazing a new industry and discovering a huge demand for their services. They needed a partner that could help them establish and scale a marketing strategy, build a credible brand, and constantly optimize all efforts towards efficiency and quality.

The Solution:

Happy Hour Media began working with Timeshare Exit Team in 2015, when the company was in a total of 12 markets throughout the US and Canada. By initiating local and strategic national broadcast buys (representing 80% of the total ad budget) we helped expand TSET to over 30 markets and grow revenue from $15MM in 2015 to $45MM in 2016. Paramount to this success was partnerships forged with over 100 media personalities in over 30 local markets, including relationships with national icons Steve Harvey and Dave Ramsey.

Since then, HHM has initiated a full-funnel approach and manage the full range of channels including national and local radio, national and local Direct Response TV, performance email campaigns, remnant newspaper, direct mail, paid search, paid social, programmatic display and video, and native display.

We set up attribution tools and reports giving us the ability to see performance across all channels and optimize campaigns based on Return on Ad Spend. HHM also believes in robust testing, and uses 10-20% of the budget to test new channels, creative or targeting.

In 2017, we took over as the full Agency of Record for TSET, and now manage email marketing, built and manage their website, grew their presence on organic social media, oversee PR efforts and continue to evolve the brand through shifts in the marketplace and increased competition.

The Results:

  • Increased Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to over 5:1.
  • Reduced overall Cost Per Lead (CPL) by 37%.
  • Reduced the TV CPL by 68% over a 9-month period.
  • Reduced the Paid Search CPL by 60%
  • Reduced the email cost per lead by 66%

Some thoughts from the client:

“Working with Happy Hour Media over the years has been an amazing relationship. They are open to working with us to explore every outlet possible to deliver the highest quality leads for our company. Their success in generating leads using both traditional and the ever changing digital channels has been integral with the growth for Timeshare Exit Team. Happy Hour Media provides the best value by giving recommendations backed with data and informative presentations to allow Timeshare Exit Team to engage with our existing customers and potential customers quickly and effectively.”

Kim Clevenger, Director of Sales