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A common question we get at Happy Hour Media, is “how did you come up with that name”? Honestly, it’s not that exciting of a story. After spending days looking up synonyms to “velocity”, “apex” or “turnkey”, we had an epiphany that we didn’t want to be like everyone else. Our name had to mean something, something that described who we are, how we treat our employees, vendors and clients. And that is when my business partner opened the “Happy Hour” portion of his menu.

Happy Hour to us is a place where driven people come together to collaborate, to pursue challenging goals, and build a culture of caring and excellence. For our clients, Happy Hour Media is an ad agency that takes it’s work seriously, but not ourselves. Our clients value relationship as much as their ROI. Any great happy hour provides a welcoming environment, as well as a great value for its patrons. That’s our mission as well. When you come to the agency, you’ll be met with a smiling face, a great cup of coffee, or maybe a glass of our signature wine, and a team dedicated to your company’s success.

A great happy hour has very simple, transparent prices; so does Happy Hour Media. We don’t believe in hidden fees or charging for meetings or a drive to your office. Face to face meetings are tools WE need with our clients to make US better, not an opportunity to charge more billable hours. A great happy hour has a decent selection; Happy Hour Media is a full-service agency, from brand strategy and creative, to media strategy, planning, buying and optimization, our menu is designed to fully cover your marketing needs.

The name of a company matters. It is the center of its identity. Happy Hour Media is a name we are proud of and try to live out every day. If you are looking for a different experience from your ad agency, we just might be the agency you’ve been looking for!