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What kind of agency are you working with? One who treats your relationship like a transaction, or one who prefers developing a relationship to make a transaction? At Happy Hour Media, we move at the speed of relationship.

In a time where it seems as though nobody stands up for the little guy — we do.  None of this happens without a relationship, without trust, and without a deep understanding of our partners’ business. In many cases, that extends well beyond the scope of advertising. We’re our customers biggest ally and unwavering advocate.   

We stand side by side with a client as they are assaulted by a 10 BILLION dollar per year industry. When other agencies would have thrown in the towel, we launched an effective PR strategy and built a website to help them combat the attacks and come out stronger on the other side.

When the FDA threatened an entire industry that is changing people’s lives for the better, we jumped in with another partner to think strategically and  navigate compliance to mitigate the impact on patient care. When the insurance industry played games with one of our medical advertisers, we pivoted strategy to target cash-pay patients, allowing them to keep treating patients and  maintain cash-flow.

We want to know what your BATTLE is. Then, we want to put on armor and march to the front lines with you. Your business is a BIG deal to you and your company. Your battles stretch far beyond efficient media buys. We want to help!

I, Chris Holcomb, can promise you this – when you trust Happy Hour Media enough to let us in, we will be there and head into battle WITH you!

P.S. We are hiring compassionate, fearless leaders who want to make a difference.