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#1 Chevy Store in the Region

Evergreen Chevrolet


Most dealerships in the northwest region have decades of equity in their name. After just three short years of representing the Chevrolet product line, we’re proud to announce that during the month of September, Evergreen was the #1 Chevy store in a three-state region (Washington, Oregon, and Alaska).



– In a month when its top competitors were down 20-25%, Evergreen was up 5%
– Up 34.3% YOY in trucks & #1 in both Silverado & Colorado sales
– 288% YTD to their objective in truck sales


How they do it:

The leadership at Evergreen Chevrolet is religious about getting a high volume of the right inventory (trucks) and offers them at the best price in the market. Their multi-platformed marketing plan ensures every potential buyer knows Evergreen Chevrolet is synonymous with “Always More, Always For Less”.


Building a Brand:

In Q4 of 2017, Evergreen Ford Lincoln and Evergreen Chevrolet formed a partnership with homegrown country star, Aaron Crawford. His hit song “Evergreen Until I Die” is now heard by over 2MM potential customers a month, as the anchor-point to Evergreen Ford Lincoln and Evergreen Chevrolet. Along with the brand promise of “Always More, Always for Less”, by owner Dan Rowe, Evergreen is growing market share and increasing brand loyalty!


Cool fact:

September was the first month Evergreen Chevrolet’s new TV campaign hit the air, featuring the new body style, 2019 Silverado Z71!


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