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Define Your Brand

When deciding on a comprehensive branding strategy for your company, color should sit front-and-center in your decision process. Branding is all about how your company is perceived in the mind of the consumer, how they think and feel about you, and what those thoughts and feelings make them believe about you.

Appealing to the senses is the fastest way to influence the thoughts and emotions of people. Since people can’t touch television ads, and they can’t smell billboards when they are driving down the road, visual influence is the most prominent and effective sense to consider when marketing.

Perception and Emotion

The link between color and emotion makes color the most effective form of visual marketing available. There are many things to consider when it comes to deciding the color(s) for your brand. First consider how you want your brand to be viewed by the consumer. Would you rather be perceived as serious or playful? What about being perceived as established or new and fresh?

There is no “right” answer. As they say, there is a market for everything, so decide what is most important to your target demographic and stick to that. While you can certainly have some overlap in terms of the associations people have about your brand, you can’t be everything to everybody. Niche down, appeal to your core audience, and provide them with the brand they want to buy from.

Which Color Suits You?

So, what do people want and how can color give it to them?

Blue: Seen as trustworthy. Blue is the “favorite” color of the majority of both men and women, and is also the most popular color on the internet.

Red: Red is warm, active, and passionate. Often associated with brands trying to appeal to strong feelings and emotions. Think of things like hunger and love… they don’t have to be related, they just have to be strongly felt.

Green: Often associated with nature and the environment. Can also be used for finance and money when used in a manner that is portrayed as “established”.

Black: Professional, elegant, and executive. Black is a great color for those that want their brand to exude high-end class and exclusivity. Being less colorful might sacrifice personality and warmth in exchange for trust and security. Depending on the perception you are going for, it can be a worth-while trade-off.

Check out the infographic below from The Logo Company to see how other colors influence our psychology:

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