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Our Space

Happy Hour Media is settling into a new space! As a team, we pulled together our interior
design skills to customize an awesome creative environment and add a few fun skills to the portfolio.


The team really proved their artistic abilities and patience on this project. Picking dark wall colors is no joke, but 5 coats of paint later the final product looks amazing! The designers on the team threw in a fun geometric pattern on the North wall, pulling in all our brand colors to complete the space.

Wood Working

What better way to update a room than add a pallet wall? In true Seattle fashion, we used recycled pallets to section off a portion of the office, creating a private space or “board room” for meetings and guest. In case you are wondering, yes, the pun is definitely intended.

Furniture assembly

Not only are we artistic handymen, we also have great hand eye coordination and the ability to follow directions. From the twelve chairs, ten desks, two couches and various cabinets and cupboards we built; no major injuries occurred and only one screw has fallen out so far (and quickly replaced). Spending a day re-designing the Happy Hour Media office, sharing a few jokes and getting paint all over ourselves brought the team together in a different way. The experience inspired a real appreciation for each individual, allowing us to become an even more seamless team.

Like our work, we take a lot of pride in our new office space and the way it represents our company. We feel that it really showcases our creativity and ability to work together. Come check it out!

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