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Mark Newell

Senior Media Buyer

This is My Story

Mark has a long resume in marketing and advertising “buying time.” With 34 years in the professional advertising industry, Mark has been helping companies connect with consumers, and getting results for his clients. Before working for Happy Hour Media Group, Mark graduated from the University of Washington in 1983 with a B.A. in Advertising, and immediately got an internship at Craft Smith Advertising, which later turned into Publicis. Mark has since worked for Pepsi Co, Washington Mutual, Mogel Gaard, SeaFairst, Group Health, Cellular One, The Seattle Times, Pay & Pack, Ernst Nursery, KSL/International Media Partners, and the Bon Marshe. Mark has also worked with healthcare clients such as Lifewise, Primera, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield, and has been a board member of the Seattle Advertising Industry Emergency Fund for 16 years. Born and raised in Queen Anne, Seattle, Mark loves spending time with his dogs, and often takes them to parks, lakes, and ocean weekend trips.