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Jeff Tindall

Director of Strategic Partnerships

If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?

- Joe Namath

This is My Story

After spending over a decade on the broadcast side of the business, Jeff joined Happy Hour Media to work more in depth with advertisers on media planning, lead generation, flow and conversion.  He credits his success to being able to create effective messaging.  He loves finding ways to tell interesting stories about less than fascinating products.  Okay, he gets to work on some pretty cool stuff too but any creative mind can do that!

He lives with a house full of special ladies.  His wife, Melissa, daughters Hartley and Blakeslee and his big-boned Bernese mountain dog, Riley all reside in Phinney Ridge.  Melissa and Jeff met while attending the University of Colorado – Boulder.  To say he’s a passionate Colorado Buffalo would be a massive understatement.  Ask him about his role as a “Ralphie Handler.”  When he’s not solving the world’s advertising problems you can find him on the water, in the mountains or on the golf course  trying to sift through a few dozen swing thoughts.

Jeff is also a Board Member and extremely active with the Seattle Advertising Industry Emergency Fund – a terrific organization that supports the local ad community professionals in time of need.